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Help! I Can't Find The Icons I Need.


I'm posting a request because I have searched in vain for the icons I need for a long Clark/Whitney challenge that I will be starting. Whitney icons are hard to come by and C/W seem to be non-existent!

I am doing a story that follows the events of Season 1 closely, but is about a budding relationship between C/W. What I need most is a romantic pic of the two kissing or almost kissing (I'd love for Whitney to be wearing his letterman's jacket to keep it in context of high school). If anyone is so inclined, I am also hoping for one that had them side be side, Clark usually wears plain tees and I'd love one that said 'I'm with him' on it, a prom pic of the two dancing, and one that was more intimate (no clothes) - but not overly graphic if that makes sense.

My challenge is about falling in love in high school and Clark and Whitney will have to deal with real life issues like, admitting it to themselves, telling their parents, being outed or coming out, homophobia, etc. You get the idea.

If someone finds this a worthy cause, I'd be very grateful. I'm strickly a writer and have no graphic skills at all. I don't even have a graphics program that could tackle it.



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